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Posted by Loretta Strong on Feb 13, 2017 8:00:00 AM


What was once known to Native Americans as "many come together country" because of the rich fertile soil and use by several tribes, has recently been deemed "the most livable place", to some "the last best place", and is to us, home. Bozeman Montana the largest town in the Gallatin Valley, sitting at 4820 feet above sea level is surrounded by five mountain ranges, three rivers and the Headwaters of the Missouri. With almost one-half of the county's 2500 square miles of land owned by the Gallatin National Forest, Montana State BLM, and the National Parks Service, it is no wonder people come here to play. The lifestyle, one where most embrace the outdoors, be it cycling, hiking, climbing, fishing, skiing or just enjoying the Big Sky, is laid back. Most people don't move here to be in a hurry.


It wasn't long ago that if you wanted to make your life here you had to find your own way. Several small businesses grew to become much bigger than the town itself and have been noted worldwide for the great products made and sold out of Bozeman. My purpose with Made in Bozeman is to introduce you to those that have embraced the lifestyle, and who bring others here to work and play as their companies continue to grow.


Montana State University has been a great resource to many who have started a business and needed help along the way. The City of Bozeman offers several programs to those who have been looking for assistance with small business as well. Downtown celebrates what we make, with local business showing Art, Jewelry, Technology, Music and Food all made in Bozeman. Business helps us grow and it's apparent in our small-town pride.

I call it a town because we are currently under 50,000 residents in our 19 square miles of city limits and less than 100,000 in the county. There are three exits off a four-lane interstate and on a holiday, you can hear a pin drop downtown. Some complain our population is soaring, our growth is out of hand and things need to slow down. I say let's do this. Wasn't it said in a movie once, if you build it they will come? I love living in a town full of people who really want to be here, who make it work and take advantage of the natural resources around them. I'd prefer growth to a town with boarded up windows because an industry has failed them. I am excited to show you who is helping make that happen, why we have so much talent in one small place and what is being done to make it even better.

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