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I received a BS in Philosophy from Bates College which logically led me to working in the bicycle industry ranging from sales to manufacturing (Spinergy and Seven Cycles). An opportunity to focus more on production management and manufacturing engineering led me to MacLean Quality Composites where we worked on growing in the composite tubing sector and developed the first automotive exterior carbon fiber body panel to be used as original equipment. From here, I chose to stay in Utah to pursue a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Utah, specializing in bonding of composites for the automotive industry. Then a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Montana State University studying the effects of typical composites manufacturing defects; again a direct extension of my work in the bicycle and composites industries.

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How a Composite Tube May Differ From a Metal Tube

Posted by Jared Nelson on Apr 13, 2017 7:00:00 AM

So we left off last time discussing anisotropy; specifically how a composite tube may differ from a metal tube.  We have defined anisotropy as having different properties or responses in different directions.  It would be helpful if anisotropy were easy to visualize, but it is not.  Go perform an image search using “anisotropic material” and you may expect to see some nice images of anisotropy [1].  However, the search yields many images that when thought about and combined in various ways allow us to develop an understanding of anisotropy, but none clearly show anisotropy.  

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Everyone hates a know-it-all…except when it comes to composites

Posted by Jared Nelson on Mar 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

We at Pursuit believe that an expert is not someone who knows all the answers, but instead knows the right questions to ask.  As noted below, I definitely do not know all the answers surrounding composites and it is our hope that through this Tech portion of the Pursuit Blog that we are able to investigate and discuss some of the pertinent questions.  In particular, we will focus on design, modeling, and manufacturing of composites as related to bicycle frames.  Below is the first step in that direction, where some of main hurdles of composite usage are discussed.  Finally, each Tech post will include credible references (a tip of the hat to Nate Silver [1]) so that readers may delve further into the topics addressed should they wish to do so.

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Topics: Tech

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